Dress Code

2018-2019 Dress Code Policy


James Stephens International Academy enforces the student dress code adopted by the The School District of Lee County.  Personal appearance shall not detract from the educational process.  Students shall maintain a clean, orderly appearance at all times. 



  • All polo or button-up shirts must have a collar, sleeves, and can be of any plain color. 
  • JSIA School Shirts may be worn any day of the week with uniform bottoms.
  • All shirts must be properly fitted and be tucked in at the waist throughout the school day. 
  • Shirts shall be appropriately fastened in accordance with the design of that shirt or blouse.
  • The length of the shirt must be long enough to be tucked in properly.  Midriffs should not be visible at any time.



  • Shorts, long pants, skirts, skorts, or capri pants must be navy blue or khaki.
  • All bottoms must be properly fitted. 
  • Belts must be worn and buckled.
  • Shorts, skorts and, skirts, must be knee length.
  • Bottoms shall be properly fastened, buttoned, zipped and worn at the natural waistline.
  • All bottoms must be free from rips, tears, and/or holes.



  • All jackets with hoods must have zippers or buttons.  NO HOODIES MAY BE WORN AT ANY TIME.
  • Jackets are not to be used to cover dress code violations.  



•              Shoes (appropriate footwear) shall be worn at all times.  The following are not permitted for safety reasons: 

open toed shoes; shoes without backs/straps; thonged shoes/sandals; flip flops; beach style sandals; shoes with

metal bottoms; steel-toed shoes; shoes with wheels; mesh shoes or any type of slipper.



•              Adornments, that in the principal’s judgment could cause injury, be a safety risk or cause a disruption to the school environment, may not be worn.  Examples of prohibited adornments include, but are not limited to, hoops or rings attached to the tongues, noses, eyebrows, cheeks, and lips is not permitted.  Gauging of the ears is prohibited.

•              Sweatbands and bandanas may not be worn anywhere on the body at any time.

•              Apparel or symbols (on clothing or shaved into hair/eyebrows) which may be considered to be gang related may

                not be displayed on a student’s person or in the student’s possession.

•              Apparel, emblems, insignias, badges, or symbols that promote the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco or any other

                illegal activity are prohibited.

•              No hair picks of any kind can be on campus.

•              No writing, drawings, tattoos, or body stickers anywhere on body or clothing.

•              Due to various health issues for many students and staff, all perfume, cologne, body spray, sunscreen, and other

                strong aromatic items must be applied at home.  NO SPRAYS will be allowed at James Stephens International Academy

                or on the school bus (will be confiscated from the student)


In the event students are allowed to be out of school uniform, Lee County Public Schools dress code must be followed at all times.

Students are expected to meet dress code requirements every day of school.  Students who choose not to meet the dress code requirements will be subject to the consequences as outlined in the Code of Code for Lee County Public Schools.