Intermediate STEM Lab


Intermediate STEM Lab

Students in 3rd through 5th Grade attend our Primary STEM Lab for 60 minutes each week. While in the STEM Lab students participate in Engineering Units utilizing Lego Education materials. Intermediate students learn about simple machines, how to construct and perform engineering concepts while utilizing the Engineer Design Process. Students work collaboratively to build a variety of solutions while communicating their results with their peers. 

5th Grade Engineering

Intermediate students also learn coding concepts using Apple iPads. Programs such as Scratch and create a solid foundation of block programming while eventually lead to Lego Robotics and 3-D Printing. Students also code with kinesthetic movement using Ozobots. 

5th Grade Robotics

In addition to Engineering and Coding Units, Intermediate Students also participate in NSTA Award Winning Picture Perfect Science Curriculum. Each unit revolves around a specific science concept and integrates literacy skills through a fiction and non-fiction text. 

Bubbles Picture Perfect Science Unit