After-Care Enrichment Program FAQ

FAQ Below, Application can be downloaded at bottom of the page 

After-Care Enrichment Program FAQ

What is this program?
Our school was recently awarded a competitive 21st Century grant for an after-school enrichment program. This program is a combination of after school tutoring for Literacy, Math, and recreational enrichment activities. The program is completely free to all students. However, due to limited seats from this grant, we can only offer the program to 60 students.

Why do certain students receive invitations to this program?
The target student performance range for students are characterized as ‘bubble students’ (also known as students who are wavering on the cusp of proficiency – EX: Level 2, Level 3, etc.) This is not an intensive tutoring program, so students far below grade level are not a target audience. Many of the students who are multiple years below grade level will require additional resources and interventions that will not be able to be provided within the grant (due to the limited funding). This is also not a program designed for students who are above grade level (not be challenged enough).

How does my child get into this program?
Students are identified & invited using the criteria above. However, families that would like to be considered are also welcome to apply using our Program Application (Available on website or in front office).

What grade levels are served with this program?
We serve grades K-5. While Pre-K aged children attend JSIA, this program is not designed for children younger than 5 years of age. We will always attempt to work with families to accommodate their need.

What activities do the students do in this program?
In addition to supper/snack, students have three 50 minute sessions each day on a schedule (A Literacy session, a Math session, & a Special Enrichment Activity session). Students are grouped by age/grade.

Do students take field trips or have special events with this program?
As a part of this grant-funded program, students are given unique opportunities to attend Field Trips and participate in special events. Parents will receive a schedule once these trips have been arranged.

How does this work with multiple children in a family?
While this grant-funded program is designed for a specific profile of students, we can work with families to try to accommodate their need.

Is Transportation Provided?
Yes, as long as the family lives in-zone. However, it may take up to a week for your child’s bus and stop to be assigned. Parents are expected to provide transportation for their child until a stop can be assigned. Bus Transportation will leave no later than 5:50pm.

Is there any cost?
No, the program is completely free (courtesy of the 21st Century Learning Grant).

Can I pick my student up early or do I have to wait until 5:50?
Parents are encouraged to pick up students as early as it is convenient for the family. All students must be picked up NO LATER than 5:50pm. Students who are picked up after 5:50 pm may be dismissed from the program. Bus Transportation will leave no later than 5:50pm.

I can’t pick up my child, can they still attend?
Once transportation is arranged for your child, parents are not required to provide transportation. However, if there is no current bus for your child, then the child cannot attend until transportation has been arranged.

Is there any food for my child during this program?
JSIA participates in a “Supper Program” that provides a warm meal to all of our students near the end of our regular school day. This extra meal (in addition to Breakfast and Lunch) should allow a child to be sustained through the end of the program day. However, we are also applying for an additional snack, but have not received confirmation on whether or not we will receive that snack.

Who do I contact for more information?
Our site coordinator is Ms. Lindsey Taylor. She may be reached at [email protected]